Of course we make an Oktoberfest. And we release it in September as per tradition. Always have, always will.

We brew Oktoberfest because Fall's hoodie-temps call for toasty malt aromas and a dry, elegant lager finish. We brew Oktoberfest because the malty sweetness pairs perfectly with freshly harvested food native to the Midwest. We brew Oktoberfest because everything about this beer makes you want to gather up your friends and laugh hard.

We brew Oktoberfest in honor of an annual party thrown to celebrate beer itself. And when you think about it, that's all you really needed to know.

  • Original Gravity 14.3
  • IBU 30
  • SRM 8.5
  • ABV 6.1%


The king of the local marzen. Incredible depth and body. Toasty, with a long bready finish. An ideal accompaniment to a meal. - Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune

There's something going on here that's more complex and interesting than any of the others. Chicago's best lager-maker's Marzen is deep amber in color and has hints of tobacco, leather and chocolate on the nose. It's full-bodied but light enough to drink in quantity and tastes a bit like lightly toasted, fresh-baked bread. Despite the complexity, it's smooth and finishes long and with a hint of balanced bitterness. - Peter Frost, Crain's Chicago Business