Krankshaft - year-round - sell sheet - sales materials

Our flagship brew - Krankshaft, a Kölsch style beer - is our homage to the beer brewed in Cologne. Lemony flavors compliments of the ale yeast meld artfully into the dry, clean finish thanks to lagering. Krankshaft can be found at Soldier field, both airports, and Comiskey. Krankshaft is the foundation of at least one Hawks fan's game-time tradition. Chicago is all about Krankshaft, and Krankshaft is all about Chicago.

  • Original Gravity 11.8
  • IBU 23
  • SRM 2.8
  • ABV 5.4%

Flywheel - year-round - sell sheet - sales materials

Flywheel Pilsner Bier features the spicy hop flavors and bitterness you expect in a Pilsner, but we amp up the malt bill for balance, mouth-feel, and because we're inspired by German styles, not bossed around by them.

  • Original Gravity 13.2
  • IBU 40
  • SRM 3.5
  • ABV 5.7%


Dynamo - year-round - sell sheet - sales materials

We call Dynamo a "Copper Lager" for fun, but what you have here, is a Vienna lager. Dynamo is brewed in the Austrian tradition, using only malted barley, and featuring a notably spicy hop flavor. As always, we're focused on finesse and balance, as a smooth cereal sweetness gives way to a toasty finish. 

  • Original Gravity 14.2
  • IBU 29
  • SRM 7.3
  • ABV 5.8%

Magnetron - year-round - sell sheet - sales materials

If you grew up in the US, there's a solid chance you once thought lagers were pale-yellow, flavorless, over-carbonated, marketing-driven, adjunct-riddled shame poured into icy-frosted glassware. We've all been there. But now we're here.

Behold: Schwarzbier, the blackest of lagers. This is the one you pull out when you have a fucking point to make about the diversity of lagers. Magnetron is malty, medium-bodied, and gently hopped. The magic of lagering makes this brew rich, but mild and well-balanced. Expect flavors of bittersweet chocolate and coffee, and a crisp, dry finish.

Darker than Satan's soul. As metal as Dave Lombardo's double-kick. None more black.

  • Original Gravity 13.1
  • IBU 30
  • SRM 21
  • ABV 5.2%

Jet Stream - May, June, & July - sell sheet

Have you ever wondered what brewers in Cologne would brew if they used wheat instead of barley? Because we sit around and wonder stuff like that.

Jet Stream Wheat Bier joined our specialty line-up to commemorate the opening of our brewery at 3057 N Rockwell in the summer of 2017.

Jet Stream features a wallop of wheat malt as well as a small amount of acidulated malt, resulting in a bright, spicy sourdough flavor. Ale yeast fermentation renders aromas of lemon, apricot, banana, and white flower. A combination of German Noble and American hops lends a gently woodsy and earthy compliment to the assertive malt bill. Lively carbonation reminiscent of so many German beer styles we love finishes everything off with a dry, sophisticated spark.

  • Original Gravity 12.6
  • IBU 21
  • SRM 3
  • ABV 5.8%

Heliostat - July & August - sell sheet

Fermentation vessels feature a sample valve, called the "Zwickel" in German. Brewers use this valve to enjoy tastes of the beer as it ferments, to check for progress and quality - for science. And because when you work in a brewery, you drink beer straight from the tanks just because you can.

In that spirit, we'll release Heliostat Zwickel Lager in July and August, only on draft. Watch our Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram accounts for announcements. This beer is meant to be enjoyed raw, cloudy, and as fresh as humanly possible. We'll package it, ship it, and bars put it on tap pretty much the minute they receive it. Now you can know for yourself what it's like to drink beer straight from the mother-ship.

  • Original Gravity 12.5
  • IBU 40
  • SRM 3.2
  • ABV 5.2%

Afterburner - August, September, & October - sell sheet

One of the best reasons for brewing lagers: Oktoberfest.

We brew Oktoberfest because Fall's hoodie-temps call for toasty malt aromas and a dry, elegant lager finish. We brew Oktoberfest because the malty sweetness pairs perfectly with freshly harvested food native to the Midwest. We brew Oktoberfest because everything about this beer makes you want to gather up your friends and laugh hard.

We brew Oktoberfest in honor of an annual party thrown to celebrate beer itself. And when you think about it, that's all you really needed to know.

  • Original Gravity 14.6
  • IBU 26
  • SRM 8.5
  • ABV 6.1%

Arc Welder - October & November - sell sheet

The German Beer Institute asserts that Dunkel (dark lager) is "the world's first true beer style." We're not too concerned about who was first, but we're confident that Dunkel is one of the truest beers we've ever experienced.

Ours features 28% rye, reminiscent of the not-as-famous style also brewed in Bavaria - Roggenbier. Arc Welder is the best way we know to celebrate Bavaria in one great, big glass.

  • Original Gravity 13.2
  • IBU 25
  • SRM 17
  • ABV 5.5%

Generator - December through March - sell sheet

This beer is all about the malt. Dark Munich malt, rich in melanoidins (brewer-speak for "flavor"), provides a monstrous backbone for this deceptively easy beer. A light balance of Horizon and Santiam hops is there to support the talent.

Hearty enough to provide a monk's Lenten sustenance. Robust enough to feed Midwestern grit. Bold enough to kick a Sasquatch in the junk.

"Metropolitan makes lagers that are the opposite of shitty." - Philip Montoro, The Reader

  • Original Gravity 19
  • IBU 26
  • SRM 14
  • ABV 8%

Iron Works - March through June - sell sheet

Back each March by popular demand, and for a limited time, this brew is our official "nerd-pleaser."

Altbier is one of the few German ales, and we brew ours to make you feel like you're drinking in Düsseldorf. Just like the Germans, we can't help but lager this beer for a while anyway. Rich, dry Munich malt flavors; herbal hop bitterness; and molasses-raisin aromas come together to peak your interest, but in no way impedes a thirsty chug.

  • Original Gravity 13.3
  • IBU 50
  • SRM 11
  • ABV 5.5%