We specialize in German-style beers, mostly lagers. Chicagoans all the way; we make the beer we like to drink. Period. Lagers are the perfect vehicles for our favorite toasty, bready malts and bright, earthy hops. We work hard to showcase a variety of lagers, from a delicate, traditional Kölsch-style beer to a robust, jet-black Schwarzbier. Goofy, yet determined; scrappy, yet reliable; passionate, yet precise, count on Metro to deliver solid, dialed-in beers brewed solely to make people happy.

Currently, we don't have a public space for you to visit - check back in Spring 2017. We also do not sell beer directly to the public. You can find Metro beers...

Technical titles: CEO, Co-Founder, Head Brewer
Day-to-day reality: janitor, artist in residence, crisis wrangler

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Technical titles: President, Co-Founder, Business Manager, Head of Sales
Day-to-day reality: image mistress, delegation, drinking beer with people

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Technical title: Operations Manager
Day-to-day reality: fixing things, spending money, fitting 24 pallets into a 20-pallet brewery

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Technical title: Cellar Master
Day-to-day reality: yeast whisperer, in-brewery graffiti artist, making us look really, really good

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Technical title: Lead Brewer
Day-to-day reality: lifting heavy shit and cleaning

Technical title: Packaging Manager
Day-to-day reality: sending our beer babies out into the world in pristine condition and ready to do their good works