Fermentation vessels have this glorious little sample valve, called the "Zwickel" in German. Brewers use this valve to take tastes of the beer as it ferments, to check for progress and quality. And because when you work in a brewery, you drink beer straight from the tanks just because you can.

In that spirit, we'll release Heliostat Zwickel Lager in July and August, only on draft. Watch our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for announcements. This beer is meant to be enjoyed raw, cloudy, and as fresh as humanly possible. We'll package it, ship it, and bars put it on tap pretty much the minute they receive it. Now you can know for yourself what it's like to drink beer straight from the mother-ship.

  • Original Gravity 13
  • IBU 45
  • SRM 3.5
  • ABV 5%