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The Soundbite

In 2009, Metropolitan Brewing was the first brewery to open in Chicago in 10 years. We specialize in German-style beers, mostly lagers. Chicagoans all the way; we make the beer we like to drink. Period. Lagers are the perfect vehicles for our favorite toasty, bready malts and bright, earthy hops. We work hard to showcase a variety of lagers, from a delicate, traditional Kölsch-style beer to a robust, jet-black Schwarzbier. Goofy, yet determined; scrappy, yet reliable; passionate, yet precise, count on Metro to deliver solid, dialed-in beers brewed solely to make people happy.

The Space

5121 N Ravenswood, just south of Foster, is our current home. We have no public space, and we don't sell directly from the brewery. Occasionally, we offer public tours, but not often. We don't hate. It's just that our team is single-minded about brewing beer. We fill our days with brewing and packaging tasks and too often, there isn't much time left over. With our apologies, there are currently NO brewery tours on the schedule. Keep an eye on this website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed for those rare weekends when we can have a bunch of you over.

The Future

Our very near-future plans include a bigger brewery. Illinoisland (say it out loud) drinks all the beer we can brew, so we have no choice but to brew more. We'll finally have a public space you can visit to sample our beers, and buy packaged beer to share with your friends. Or not. We don't judge. The tasting room will feature rare releases, weird swag for sale, a few dogs (not for sale), and our very own Spotify playlists. Hope you like metal.