We aren't in the practice of sending our beers out to be judged professionally, and we don't enter competitions very often. Instead, our chests swell with pride when kind people out in the world drink our beers and let us know what they think, such as this review by Anthony at Beer Snobs United. May we all vow to drink more lagers! Cheers, Dude!

If you grew up in the US, there's a solid chance you once thought lagers were pale-yellow, flavorless, over-carbonated, marketing-driven, adjunct-riddled shame poured into icy-frosted glassware. We've all been there. But now we're here.

Behold: Schwarzbier, the blackest of lagers. This is the one you pull out when you have a fucking point to make about the diversity of lagers. Magnetron is malty, medium-bodied, and gently hopped. The magic of lagering makes this brew rich, but mild and well-balanced. Expect flavors of bittersweet chocolate and coffee, and a gorgeous, dry finish.

Darker than Satan's soul. As metal as Dave Lombardo's double-kick. None more black.

  • Original Gravity 13.8
  • IBU 30
  • SRM 26
  • ABV 5.6%