Spring is in the air, friends! Get out there and drink to our collective relief that it no longer hurts to be outside. Check out the retailers below who are featuring Metro in their Springtime celebrations.

Krankshaft at Galway Arms

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park (2442 North Clark St. at Fullerton, Chicago). "Here at The Arms, we pride ourselves on our quality food, drink, and friendly Irish hospitality. Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, we bring a taste of the Celtic regions right to your front door."

Swing in on a Sunday night for live Irish music and drink Krankshaft on special throughout March.

Krankshaft, Flywheel, Dynamo, and Iron Works at Drop

All Metro beers on special, all month. Put the beer in your belly and the dance in your pants.

"Drop is a hidden escape from Lincoln Park's typical sports bar-driven nightlife scene. Located downstairs on Lincoln Ave just a block south of Armitage Ave (with Bricks Pizza,) the underground, cave-like lounge opens daily from 8pm til 4am (5am on Saturdays.)"

Join us on Friday night, March 20, when we tap a keg of Iron Works Altbier and hit the dance floor, proving that dudes with beards have sick moves too.

Rotating Hyper Local Tap at Burger Bar - South Loop

Flywheel and Dynamo are always available at Burger Bar on S Michigan. In March, the tap line dedicated to beers brewed within the City limits will rotate through some of our high-quality, nerd-pleasing specialties. What's on when? Gotta go out to find out.