October 16, 2016

Eight years ago, when we first opened our brewery, we brewed two beers: Flywheel Bright Lager and Dynamo Copper Lager. Our highly-qualified and experienced graphic designer advised that we name our beers with a bit of flair; to set ourselves apart from the macro-brewed beers. So even though Flywheel is derived from a German Pilsner, we decided not to use the word "Pilsner" on the label.

Flash forward eight years and now Pilsners are enjoying the limelight they deserve. Many American craft brewers are dabbling in producing the clean, balanced, hoppy style that has been making beer-drinkers happy for centuries.
"Nine out of ten beers drunk in the world today are made according to the Pilsner style or a style directly derived from it." - German Beer Institute This is a fact that has never been lost on us, and we're proud of our contribution to this fine tradition.

May 6, 2016

On Friday night, May 6 at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, Tracy proudly accepted the silver medal for Magnetron Schwarzbier on behalf of the entire Metro Brewing team. This is a worldwide competition hosting thousands of entries. The German Schwarzbier category featured 51 entries, including beers brewed by the very German breweries we so admire. For a brewery full of jokers who don't reach for awards or really, any external validation whatsoever, we're deeply honored for this recognition and we will continue to do our best to live up to the standards set forth by the World Beer Cup competition. The full list of categories and winners can be downloaded here (pdf).

"...Chicago in a pint glass..." - Nick Ostdick, PorchDrinking.com

January 25 2016

Keep your eye out for our swank new truck delivering the good stuff in Chicagoland! Designed by our good friend Josh Bucher. The robot's name is Fritz and as you can see, he destroys.

Photo by Michael Kiser, Good Beer Hunting

Photo by Michael Kiser, Good Beer Hunting

November 23 2015

2016 is going to be a big year for Metro Brewing. Our expansion plans are in place, including 20,000 square feet in what will be a stunning destination for all Chicagoans, native and visiting. Michael Kiser at Good Beer Hunting scooped the story. Ally Marotti at Crains Chicago provided follow-up details.


October 31 2015

Turns out everyone loves a good Schwarzbier. In honor of your good taste, we've added Magnetron Schwarzbier to our family of year-round beers. This 5% ABV black lager looks as beautiful on your holiday table as it will on a rooftop in July. Enjoy, friends!

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